Events in Microsoft Dynamics NAV - Training Series Part One
Join us on Thursday, September 21st at 11am PDT for the first part of this training series on Events in Dynamics NAV and we'll show you how to customize functionality without having to modify your NAV database and how to make changes to the original NAV code with minimal impact on your customizations.

The first of this two part training series designed for consultants and developers will provide an Introduction and detailed Overview of Events. Understand how you can use Events to design the application to react to specific actions or behaviors that occur.  Separate customized functionality from the application business logic and use Events in place of customizations to lower the cost of code modifications and future upgrades.

Part One of this training series will include both topic discussion plus live database examples including:
  • Discussion of Publishers and Subscribers
  • Discussion of Business and Integration Events along with database Triggers
  • Learn how to Publish, Raise, and Subscribe to an Event

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We will also be hosting Part Two of this NAV Training Series on EVENTS - Advanced Coding Concepts and More. Click here to register!




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