Unlock the Power of Cortana Intelligence in Demand Planning in Microsoft Dyanmics NAV
Join us on Thursday April 19th at 11am PDT to see a demonstration of how to connect your Dynamics NAV to Cortana Intelligence and learn how to get forecasts based on AzureML.  We will show you how to use this information to get more accurate demand forecasts leading to better inventory management, more accurate capacity planning, and a more effective planning process.

If you want to quickly improve forecasting and planning, register for this webinar to see these important topics presented by our business intelligence experts:

  • Walk-through of Cortana Intelligence
  • Generation of a forecast from Dynamics NAV
  • Overview of Forecasting Models:  ARIMA, ETS, STL
  • Review of Forecasts for accuracy
  • Generation of a Production Forecast from results
  • Using the Dynamics NAV planning engine 

Let us show you how Cortana Intelligence provides advanced analytics tools - data ingestion, data storage, data processing, and advanced analytics components - all of the essential elements for building a demand forecasting and price optimization solution.  Our experts will show you these functionalities and more:

  • Determine best price strategy to maximize profit 
  • Forecast demand for individual products
  • Predict future demand and obtain optimal pricing recommendations
  • Take into account how pricing of similar products within a store affect each other and determine the best pricing strategy to maximize profits
  • Predict demand for each product using product attributes, price relative MSRP, and store attributes

Register now to view this live demo and we thank you for your interest in Western Computer.Cortana logo.png


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If you are unable to attend, register and a link to the webinar's OnDemand recording will be provided after the webinar.