AR & Collection Manager for Microsoft Dynamics NAV from Dynamics NAV AddOns

Join us on Thursday, March 29th at 11:00am PDT to see a solution that is a combination of AR & Collections Manager and Easy PDF with all of the functions of each - plus some powerful additional functions that have been developed for Dynamics NAV by Dynamics NAV AddOns.

AR & Collections Manager is a contact manager for collections activities. It sets rules for when collection activities should begin, allows users to review customer history, and to enter the results of contacts with the customer - recording who was contacted, when, and if a payment was promised, and for how much. It then sets a Next Contact Date, should the customer not do what they promised. If the customer does make payment as promised, the entry falls off the list into archived history.  

We'll also briefly review Easy PDF, the tool that converts all sales and purchasing documents in NAV to PDF attachments to emails and offers batch sending capability. 

Learn how the combination of AR & Collections Manager and Easy PDF – or AR & Easy – offers the additional function of being able to see summary customer data, categorizes customer by size and payment history, allows users to batch send five level Reminders. Each level can escalate the demand for payment. The program tracks what was sent and suggests when the next Reminder should be sent.

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