Why You Should Move to the Cloud.

If your organization hasn't moved to the cloud or isn't seriously considering to do so, please join us on Thursday, February 15th at 11am PST to learn from our NAV Practice Manager why the cloud has become the undisputed future of communication, data storage, and business growth.

Your company is probably already using the cloud to some degree and most employees have been using it for a long time—sending email, paying bills online, watching movies, playing games, etc. In fact, we’re so accustomed to having instant access to what we need, it’s super frustrating when we don’t.

Explore with us these major points in moving your business to the cloud.

  • Security & Updates -  prevent the destruction and permanent loss of critical data plus stay current on all patches and important updates to insure your security
  • Sustainability  -  less equipment, less facilities, less space needed for data management - good for your company and beyond
  • Disaster Recovery  -  fire, flood, earthquake - even simple vandalism - could cripple a company but if your data is in the cloud, you could have little or no interruption to your business 

We will also discuss the Cost Containment benefits along with the ease in implementing Upgrades and Expansions.

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